What is a Brand Board and what is its purpose?

Brand Boards are simple boards that only include your brand elements — not instructions on how and where to use things that would be included in a Brand/Visual Style Guide. A brand board is a roadmap for how to use your brand and contains the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Logo Variation
  • Sub mark
  • Color Palette which includes Pantone, CMYK and Hex Codes for Web colors
  • Typography – all fonts
  • Graphic elements, textures and icons
  • Mood Images

The Brand Board is your reference for all your company materials. Every page on your website and all designed material should all use the exact same font combo from your brand board. The logo should always stay consistent with the same spacing, sizing, and placement. This will give your audience a seamless experience, so wherever they find you they will recognize the unique branding stamp of your business.

ValTeo Tech Brand Board – DeCaro Media Lab (Sharon DeCaro)
Society of Women Entrepreneurs Brand Board – DeCaro Media Lab
Austin WordCamp 2017 Brand Board – DeCaro Media Lab