Web Development: Responsive & Mobile Design

From building an all-new website to maintaining your existing website, we can improve your online presence. Ensuring that your site is responsive (adapts to all devices) is key. Responsive web design means that no matter what size screen on which your website is viewed, it displays on that screen size (No more scrolling around.) A Responsive website is also preferred for SEO. According to Search Engine Land, businesses lost search traffic as a result of not being mobile-friendly. Today, it is critical and a necessity that your website provide mobile users an easy-to-use experience because it literally impacts the growth of your business.

Curious about the possible financial return of having a mobile website? According to Think with Google, if a user lands on your mobile website, is frustrated or doesn’t see what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance the user will leave immediately and go to another website (most likely a competitor). It’s also said that if they have a positive experience with your mobile website, a user is 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service.

Design: Branding + Identity Design

We help our clients explore and discover the full potential of their brand. Whether it’s creating a brand from the ground up or giving your company a refresh, designing your logo is #1. We thrive on creating your identity, then branding all media (digital and print marketing). It’s important to make on impact on the viewer in a way that they will always remember your product.

E-commerce websites & Membership websites

There are several ways to sell products through your website. E-commerce shopping carts can be extensive. The deciding factor for which system is right for you usually depends on how many items you have for sale, what functionality you need and your budget. Another way is through membership sites where only members who subscribe can access the content you’ve placed behind the gates. For these types of sites, we recommend and use WooCommerce.

Lead Generation: Facebook Ads

We love Facebook ads because of their ease of use, vast targeting options, and simply because they generate the most leads and sales for your business. Through Facebook, we connect to your website for website conversions. We design a landing page that not only attracts customers to your business, but builds your email list.

Digital Marketing: Email & Social Media Marketing

Email and social media campaigns bolster your Facebook ad spends by creating more content, a larger audience, and better customer relationships. All of our social media and email marketing is fully integrated into your website with invitations to join the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and forms to collect visitors’ information to add them to your email lists. The best way to get the most out of your social media channels is to spend a little money on it. With a social media advertising budget, you can boost posts, target audiences by interest and location, and gain interested followers quickly.